Перевод! Russian-English Translation - Professional. Accurate. Confidential.
Перевод!Russian-English Translation-
We are your reliable source for high-quality translation projects from
English to Russian or Russian to English.
Russian and English are the only languages which we specialize in. This is our niche of the translation business. Our translators are native Russian speakers with complete fluency in the English language, educated in an English speaking country such as Great Britain or the United States.
We are committed to providing you with the highest quality translations, the fastest turnaround time, the friendliest service, and exemplary professionalism and confidentiality.
We are very confident of our ability to satisfy our clients. For all first time customers we provide a sample translation of your documents at NO CHARGE!
We specialize in:
  • Technical documents-  text conversion of technical manuals and user guides
  • Engineering drawings-  in AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, and other formats
  • Advertising-  marketing, and promotional materials
  • Business correspondence-  proper interpretation of the terms & jargon of your trade
  • Personal correspondence-  you can be assured of promptness & confidentiality
  • Proofreading/Editing- fast and inexpensive at $0.01 per word, we offer this service for both languages
  • Audio-  transcribed and translated
  • Literary translation-  This is a more recent addition. We can now provide top quality interpretation of literary works. Not merely a translation, the work will be retold in a unique voice capturing the nuance and inflection that is crucial to understanding a work of art.

We accept credit card payments in American dollars. Our rates are affordable and competitive.
For personal correspondence our rate is $45.00 per one time transaction of 1,000 words or less, 4 cents for each additional word.
If you have a quantity of documents or would like to schedule regular correspondence, contact us for a more competitive quote. Please contact us to get a free quote for all other translations.
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